Soft Clemmy Sensory Table

399,95 kr.

An activity table for fun-filled moments in a world of softness… the Clemmy blocks world!
The little house makes a handy container for soft blocks and the slot on the roof is perfect for dropping them in.
The child can then revel in recovering the blocks or piling them.
Among the many activities there’s the catapult that makes the Clemmy blocks “jump”, while the cogs turn the carousel on which the blocks can be arranged.
The child can use the slots to let the Clemmy blocks fall into the cavities of the table legs and then recover them, while getting to grips with the cause-effect relationship in the process.
A booklet with the pop-it activities stimulates manual abilities in the child, who can also use the “soft” hammer to play with the catapult or insert the Clemmy blocks through the slots more easily.
A detailed game that aids sensory development, thanks to surfaces with relief textures and the soft inserts.
Ideal for playing also while standing, to exercise balance and motor skills.

Age: 10-36 months

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