Peekaboo Water Friends

39,95 kr.

Four cute characters that will turn bath-time into a bundle of fun and laughs in the water. Some sweet animals with an entertaining peekaboo feature – designed to stimulate infants’ sense of touch and manual dexterity by engaging them in many different ways. Children are free to experiment with the toy on their own. The characters stimulate manual dexterity helping infants to discover the world with small actions that trigger surprise-effect mechanisms. The design and level of interaction have been carefully studied to make the toy easy and engaging for the infant to play with. When the cute creatures are plunged underwater, they suddenly appear: the crab peeks out of its shell, the penguin comes out of its egg and the duck and bear get up in the tub and basin. When the child lifts them out of the water, they empty with a pretty fountain effect and the cute creatures…hide away again in their “dens”. Easy for little hands to grasp, they can be plunged into water once, twice, three or three thousand times…each time they will pop out of their “dens” with their funny faces. This premium-quality and completely safe product is entirely Italian made, as is evident from the curated details, meticulously designed mechanics and thoughtful concept.

Age target 3 Months

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