Happy Shower Water Friends

59,95 kr.

A cute and remarkable duo that will turn bath-time into a bundle of fun and laughs.
Playing with water has never been so much fun!
A sweet pair of animals to help kids discover fun features and amazingly magical water games so as to stimulate manual dexterity in different and engaging ways as they gain familiarity with water Simple interaction for guaranteed fun and a wow effect.
Infants can discover the game on their own without danger using simple actions (filling and emptying) to activate surprise-effect mechanisms.
The design and level of interaction have been carefully studied to make the toy easy and engaging for the infant to play with.
The two animals are like empty cups and, when filled, water will squirt out of the hole on the bottom in different ways, creating a fountain effect that will delight babies.
Easy to grasp and simple to fill, these toys are bound to make bath-time fun and the wow effect can be easily reproduced over and over again for tons of excitement.
This premium-quality and completely safe product is entirely Italian made, as is evident from the curated details, meticulously designed mechanics and thoughtful concept.

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