Spidey and his Amazing Friends Hulk Deconstruction Playset

549,95 kr.

Inspired by the preschool TV show Marvel Spidey and His Amazing Friends, the Hulk’s Smash Yard playset is here for smash and bash fun!
This multi-level Hulk playset features a toppling tower, smash wall, web trap, flipping Spidey sign, moveable crane and barrels, and a Hulk action figure. Kids can knock down the tower by making the Hulk figure stomp on the bottom level; reset the tower to topple it again and again!
When the Hulk figure smashes through the brick wall, it breaks in two! A moveable, kid-powered crane can hold one of the 3 included barrels, or the barrels can be stacked and then knocked down as Hulk tries to catch the sneaky squirrel.
This Hulk toy for boys and girls age 3 and up makes a super fun holiday or birthday gift.

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