Pippi Stickers Villa Villekulla w. 140 sticker

39,95 kr.

Only the sky’s the limit when it comes to what your child can use these cute Pippi Longstocking stickers for. These stickers are designed with cute motifs from the Pippi Longstocking universe, which inspires hours of fun play. Let the children use the stickers to create their own adventures by sticking them on paper, booklets, books, postcards or combining them with personal drawings, etc. The stickers are designed with cute details which gives the children the opportunity to unfold their creative ability and make funny pictures. The use of the stickers also helps to develop your child fine motor skills. Barbo Toys products are designed with passion in Denmark and prioritize sustainability and high-quality materials and innovative game ideas that are intended to support and stimulate the child’s imagination and learning development.

Contains 140 stickers

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